Monday, September 30, 2013

Government Shutdown? If Only!

There seems to be much gasbaggery regarding the supposed US government shutdown scheduled to happen on October 1st. Unfortunately the hype is severely overblown and in fact the government will NOT be shutting down then; it will only be paring back services to its supposed constituents. Not the services to the Wall Street kleptocrat scumbag elitists, but to the minion government workers and to the citizens. The politicians will continue to be paid regardless, along with all the immoral enforcement arms of said government. The military industrial complex will remain on standby should they be called to perform yet another culling of the third world population. Locally, 'law enforcement' - better known as bankster enforcers because they mostly enforce laws against the people and for the elite - will continue to extract their pounds of flesh from the enslaved worker bees. Taxes will still be collected and forwarded to the banks, and life will go on, albeit slightly more uncomfortable for some.

This gives me a wonderful opportunity to lay out exactly WHY I feel that government is probably the most immoral development of human existence. How can I say that? Because there is no CONSENT. The use of force is both an implicit AND explicit function of government; indeed, it has yet to be long attempted without the use of force. And if it has, and it was in ANY way successful you can be assured that the predatory governmental/military/medical/academic classes of adjacent captive societies would make sure that no history of such an endeavor would EVER see the light of day. Put simply, my objection to government is this: If I rob you at gunpoint, then take some of your loot and build a school with it, the 'good ends' which I provide are completely invalidated because I had to rob you to do so. Period. You can construct all the elaborate hoaxes you can think of from religious sanction (G-d says you must obey me), to altruism (It's for the common good), to 'enfranchisement,' where one group of victims gets to dictate how another group of victims is to be abused, but NONE of those reasons makes my robbery of you at all moral.
Without government, the sociopaths of society would be left without a purpose in life; these reptiles who crave power are not endowed with sufficient creativity to build things or otherwise add value to their surroundings. They don't invent new technologies, processes or ideas, they don't create art, literature or music to enrich their fellow humans, they don't do much of anything other than dominate others through coercion or through guilt and manipulation. They are the ultimate parasites in that regard, and it doesn't matter if you're talking about actual state functionaries or corporate board members. They are of the same creed, one that they feel makes they're 'superior' to the rest of us. You can't presume to use force on another person unless you have already rationalized that they are inferior to you in some way and thus are deserving of their treatment. To be sure, some enforcers may be more 'humane' than others, but the problem is with the institution itself. Government is premised upon the superiority of a privileged few over the unprivileged many. It matters not if you have one 'good cop' or one 'trustworthy politician' or even a 'good soldier' when their entire vocation is designed to enforce some form of slavery upon humanity. You can ALWAYS choose another job, one that DOESN'T involve intimidating and stealing from others.

And that, in the end, is my answer to what should exist in lieu of government - free choice. Not the false choice of banker/corporate figurehead ruler A versus banker/corporate figurehead ruler B, but actual free choice. Without the threat of coercion. Where all human interaction is VOLUNTARY. Where people recognize that when they violate the lives of others they are in fact also justifying the violation of their own lives. Just think if all the wealth wasted on limitless state surveillance, conscription, regulation for the benefit of a few elitist insiders, wars and the like was actually retained in its original hands and used to directly benefit our species, instead of having it trickle down to the masses AFTER the asshole clique in charge is done with it. We'd be colonizing our solar system right now instead of threatening to bomb certain nations to the Stone Age because they won't pay the appropriate protection money. Because that's what taxes are, in essence - protection money. You pay them so that you aren't thrown in a jail cell and your possessions seized by the dominant gang called the state. Just like with the Mob, only at least the Mob has the decency to NOT pretend that it's for your own good. That's why the state goes after criminals - not to protect the people, but to cut down on its competition. Gangs of shitheads all wanting to take from others because they can't make a damned thing to save their own miserable lives otherwise.

If all police, military and state bureaucrats disappeared tomorrow, people would STILL go to work, earn a living, then go home to their families for the most part. Did you fail to go to work today because you DIDN'T see a policeman during your morning commute? Is wanting REAL free choice hopelessly utopian? I don't know, it can't be more utopian than giving all the guns and decision making power to the state and then expecting it to limit itself. How's THAT working out for you?

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