Monday, October 28, 2013

A Word To My Assigned NSA Minder...

This blog post is written under the Google corporate umbrella, which has been from its inception a spyfest extravaganza of black project government funding. Therefore I'm sure this little missive will go straight through the fecal halls of power and right to my little Pentagon contractor 'friend,' whom I've had the pleasure of his shadowing me for a little over a year and a half now. How do I know he's been doing this? Because in the words of the old CIA station in Moscow during the Cold War, if something happens once it's happenstance, twice is coincidence, then three times is enemy action. My little friend sports a baseball cap that he almost never takes off, a pot belly, a militantly short haircut, a fair amount of gray hair, and the typical Fed contractor attire - mealy-mouthed pastel/khaki outfits that have been a few too many times through the wash. And the obligatory black bag, though in this case I'm reasonably sure it's a laptop. For now.

My 'friend' first turned up when I was working graveyard shift at a local convenience store. He lives in an apartment complex across the canal from me, and I noticed him on my days off when he would just happen to walk down from his third floor apartment down to the parking lot where his car was parked and smoke a cigarette - when I was also smoking on my front stoop. At odd hours of the day, there he was, standing against his car with arms folded and cigarette lit, recalling the X-Files 'Cancer Man' character, staring right at me from across the irrigation canal. At first I thought it was curious that he showed up right at the particular times of day that the urge to smoke struck me. Especially since it seemed that he has some kind of day job. But the frequency and predictability of his appearances led me to believe otherwise. For one thing, he could smoke right outside his door if that was necessary; he had no practical reason to do his little 'minder' thing in the parking lot, at least not a plausible one.

Then I started noticing how he'd be out there more regularly on days when I'd be a little more 'strident' in my criticism of the state, its corporate bed-buddies and the inbred leadership clique running the show on the so-called 'social networks.' Then a pattern emerged that became difficult to ignore; I was being watched and the shitheads wanted me to know it. We would engage in mutual staring contests, not unlike North and South Korean soldiers at the DMZ with their 'mean motherfucker' challenges of wills. Only I didn't care to pursue these games beyond the time it took for me to smoke my cigarette and be done with it. I did notice that during this past summer he got a little more stare-shy after seeing the results of my irregular training regimen through my tank top a few times. Apparently the low-rent Stasi intimidation thing doesn't work so well if the subject ISN'T a pencil-necked geek. Got a gooood chuckle out of that. Got even a touch worried when my minder disappeared right around the time of the Boston bombings. Though his villainy was needed elsewhere he finally showed up again to keep an eye on me a couple of months later. How touching.
So here's the deal, Mr. 'I'm better than you because I work for the ruling class' - you're not better than me. Or anyone else, for that matter. You might actually be better than your erstwhile bosses, but you're too wrapped up in corporate-socialist hero worship to recognize that little salient fact. No matter. The truth is, you're living off the taxpayer's dime to spy on specially designated taxpayers. The ones who have minds and opinions of their own. The ones with the balls to speak about it and sufficient command of the facts to persuade others. That's what brought you to me. And I could care less. I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing until either nature or the unnatural prevent me from doing so. Period. I can only imagine the line of thinking that keeps you going at doing what you do; do your bosses even give a shit if you do a good job? Is there any merit pay involved? Or are you somehow deluded into thinking that by violating every major aspect of the oath you took to 'protect and defend' the Constitution of the United States that you're somehow 'keeping us safe' from terrorism? Ever look up the definition of the word 'terrorism' in the dictionary? Because that isn't what I do.

I don't line up patsies, hop them up on anti-depressants, wind them up with ridiculous amounts of government firepower and then let them loose on unsuspecting middle schools, movie theaters and shopping malls. YOUR boys do that. I don't stage tactical attacks on critical infrastructure to artificially create power blackouts so that the utilities get to demand payments in firstborns due to the 'emergency.' YOUR boys do that. I don't run guns to drug cartels, militant Jihadis OR militias of any kind. YOUR boys do that. And finally, I don't fly planes into skyscrapers, turn pressure cookers into bombs or get the State Department to let me onto planes so that I can set my undies on fire and bring in a no-bid contract for pervert airport body scanners. YOUR boys do that. What I do is merely point out how YOUR boys are behind most of the fucktardery and asinine bullshit going on in our country these days. If you have a problem with that, maybe you need to examine just whose side you're really on. Are you on the side of the corporate/federal shitbags who would just as soon wipe their asses with you and your kind as pay you a salary, or are you with the people?

It's NEVER too late to change the path you're on in life. If you TRULY cared about your country you wouldn't be working so hard to recreate the old Soviet Union right here in the US of A. You'd be striving to leave the world better for your kids, instead of leaving a world where nobody but the elite are allowed to even have kids and the rest of humanity is readied for 'orderly extermination.' You KNOW that you're not too far down from the list that I'm on, right? Because guess what - your bosses trust you even less than they trust me. Because ANYONE who will rat someone out who's never done them any personal wrong is someone who cannot be trusted in the long term with any kind of power. Your bosses know this, and as soon as folks like me are 'out of the way' then it will be YOUR turn. If you think that's not the case then you might want to read up on the antics of Soviet police chief Beria, Stalin's loyal bootlicking murderer. THAT is what you're bringing here by doing what you're doing now. Plan accordingly...

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