Friday, July 5, 2013

Get The F@#k Off The Grid! Part 1 - Leaving the Intellectual Plantation

So you're probably wondering: "Okay you loudmouth bastard, talk is cheap; what are YOU actually doing about it? Well, since you decided to waste your precious time inquiring so far, you might as well know the answer - which is whatever I can, whenever I can. Pretty nebulous, politician-speak garbage, you might say. To which I reply that even the smallest movement in the right direction is positive work against inertia.

The most discernable and easiest thing I've done to extricate myself from the cultural sewage swamp is stop partaking of media that work against my interests. I stopped listening to commercial radio decades ago as I have absolutely no use for the retread bullshit the bankers called record company executives call music. They destroy what little music of quality they happen to present by overplaying it to the point of nausea, and more often than not the lyrical and instrumental content of the so-called 'songs' leaves much to be desired. Filled my ears with rot, NOT working in my interest. At all. Stopped listening to that shit, jumped on the 'Create your own internet radio station' technology bandwagon.  I have a MUCH richer musical experience as a result. True, I still have to endure asinine attempts to sell me a bunch of bullshit products in between song sets, but when I can determine the content of my experience - NOT some Hollywood marketing douche - I can put up with the inspid adverts with much greater aplomb.

Ditching the cathode ray nipple known as 'TV' was actually a lot easier than most would imagine. By the time I stopped watching it altogether I was only sitting in occasionally when the roommate would be watching a weekly live action sitcom. Long gone were shows that actually made you think, like the X-Files, NoWhere Man or The Prisoner. No, TV degenerated into a venal propaganda fountain of vomit in praise of the collaborator class: Doctors, Cops and Lawyers. 9/11 apparently gave Hollywood a Washington DC license to stretch reality to a breaking point where nothing but bullshit flows freely. We have perfectly groomed super-soldier state minions in stylish slacks who are dead shots in a pinch, never mess their hair up, and lounge around in science labs being just awesome on their free time. Fucking gag me with a hammer. Wake me the fuck up when the three losers they have repackaging Third Reich memes as sitcoms remember what the fuck country they supposedly were born in. Or reality for that matter.

Don't even get me started on network 'news.' Makes me wish I never studied some mass communications in college. Every time I even watch that shit now I feel dirty. The fucking voice of the fucking collaborators of the fucking establishment assholes, sitting in every night in your home, telling you what your masters deem is acceptable to think. The last event of significance I even remember from network news was in 2002 during the run-up to the Iraq War, when Tom Brokaw, the aristocracy's turd-licking douche monkey called the millions of people demonstrating around the world to stop Dubya's bloodlust in the middle east 'Horrible War Protestors.' Little snippy bastard snuck that one in RIGHT at the end of the broadcast, he did. NOBODY in the profession called his sycophant ass out on it either. Which pretty much convinced me beyond the shadow of a doubt (believe me - there was a LOT more leading up to this) that all news media were whores - only these whores just had to look pretty instead of provide an actual service.

Their presstitute service also includes subtly inserting the opinions of their establishment asshole paymasters into my alpha-wave addled cerebral cortex. NOT working in my interest. Neither were the psychologically structured commercials all designed to tell me what a loser, social retard and fuckup I am because I'm not buying THEIR pissant and mostly useless products. Or just because I have a penis. I don't have people in my everyday life telling me what a piece of shit I am; I cut those fuckers out of my life a LONG fucking time ago. Why would I let some crafty shitbags assault my self esteem just so they can take their latest trophy whores on a Caribbean cruise on my dime? Why would anybody? So I get my information regularly from about half a dozen news aggregators on the internets; if I don't trust what one continent's perspective is on an issue, I can clue myself in with perspectives from several others. My news sources wear their slants on their sleeves, so I know at least they're not selectively filtering out key data while pretending to be 'objective and balanced.'

In other words - I took PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for the information and entertainment that I indulge in. Now I have a much more grounded outlook on things and have a MUCH lower tolerance for bullshit. It's a small and then again a HUGE step in the right direction. For me, anyway...

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