Friday, July 5, 2013

How 'Murikans Celebrate Sin-Dependence...

...With lots of pointless displays of looter power and prowess. I currently reside in a small town in the Rocky Mountains - one just large enough to have a stadium for the local state college. While the annual fireworks display happened last night there was a new addition to the fireworks: a pair of police helicopters, both of which flew circular patterns around the stadium and over adjoining neighborhoods. They flew just high enough to be out of reach from indignant retorts of buckshot.

Law enforcement is one of the many looter institutions operational in this country; they physically produce nothing of value, and the only service they provide is revenue generation through the armed theft of private property through ticketing and asset forfeiture seizures. That and of course, providing protection for the looter hierarchy of government and its fascist business overlords. Lest we forget, they sell more drugs than most drug dealers, giving rise to the old joke 'What's the difference between the cops and the Mob in New York? The cops sell more dope!" Laws in this country are selectively enforced depending on the looter pedigree of the perpetrator; Joe Sixpack will get the book thrown at him almost every time but politicians and connected CEOs like John Corzine can steal billions without getting into much trouble at all.

Now what possible purpose could TWO police copters have in a town where the worst crimes include liquour store robberies by poor college students? I'll tell you what - it's to show the sheep that they can be sheared at any time, for any reason. Airborne snipers and spies are just what a professional looting organization needs to remind its victims that it is big, bad, and still in charge. The crazies with black uniforms, a license to kill, steroid prescriptions from the station chief and those sharp, skinhead haircuts have eyes in the sky - be on your best behavior slave, I mean citizen! The police drive better cars than most of the working class stiffs in these parts, showing the slaves what is possible when you live off of other people's money. Looting celebrated as an institution - that's what July 4th has degenerated into, and it's one of may reasons I'll be 'Going Galt' as soon as resources allow...

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