Friday, July 5, 2013

Get The F@#k Off The Grid! Part 2 - Why Do It?

For me, getting off the grid - 'going underground ' in older hip parlance - is a choice driven by moral imperatives. The system which I was born into is designed to exploit the vast majority of my fellow humans for the benefit of a few who have done less than most to deserve such benefits. Every penny of tax extorted from my labors with the implicit threat of uniformed thugs coming to take my freedom and property from me goes towards paying the interest on a national debt that I had no say whatsoever in incurring. This interest goes right into the pockets of an inbred aristocracy, all of whom are related by bloodlines to the LAST sack of bastards we kicked out of management positions in these parts about 230-ish years ago. NONE of these pointy-headed frontclowns related to the Queen through Burke's Peerage have produced a single invention, innovation, piece of art, scientific theory or any other thing that might be remotely useful to humans in general.

The only thing bankers, politicians and corporate CEOs are good for is the accumulation of unearned power and privileges. They're quite talented regarding the feathering of their own nests in an inverse proportion to their professional competences. That's why you see Citigroup CEO's leave their jobs with a golden parachute worth several million despite the fact that they LOST the company a few billion in capital net worth. That's why they will cut food assistance to the poor while the president awards himself a raise during 'austerity measures.' That's why there are two sets of laws in this country - one for the slaves, the other for the slave masters. And the whole system is predicated and underpinned by the implicit threat of force. All the trumpeted platitudes about freedom and liberty are just cheap marketing slogans designed to keep the slaves on the plantation without having to whip them so frequently. Whipping slaves interrupts Massa's beauty sleep.

The same financial interests behind the extermination of the relatives of my ancestors in Europe still hold the reigns of power in America today. Every cent I pay into the system guarantees that someone halfway around the world will be killed by a drone for no better reason than having been born around natural resources that some Wall Street asshole doesn't want to pay a fair market price for. Some homeless person is going to get beat up by the police, some inventor is going to get threatened if their technology makes competition for existing monopolies, some reporter is going to get murdered for getting a little too close to the truth - all because I am contributing to the current system. You cannot with any semblance of a straight face tell me that if you rob me at gunpoint, then take my money and build a school somewhere that you have somehow done a moral thing. You haven't, and if anything you only involved the innocent to provide sanction for your crimes. I have to look at myself in the mirror every day and like what I see. And I can't do that if my actions invariably lead towards the unjustified suffering of others with whom I have no quarrel whatsoever.

Since I believe in the non-initiation of force, then violent revolution is not the solution I seek. I am prepared to defend myself if necessary but I'm not going around trying to start shit. I feel the only honorable way to go is to bow out of this system, take my toys and find another sandbox to play in, preferably with playmates who have similar inclinations. I intend to starve this beast of my efforts and my labors, and Providence willing my example may join with the efforts of those looking to forge a new path for our species. We've long since evolved past the need for sociopath societal jailers in my opinion, and with a little introspection, common sense and determination I am confident we can step out from behind the shadows of state and corporate slavery and reclaim our lives for ourselves...

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